Our business areas

Commonly referred to as "Chemical baths" or "Portable toilets". Imported and distributed models of important brands internationally recognized as Armal, Polyportables, Satelitte and Polyjohn, together with other prestigious global brands. The material of manufacture is based mainly in injected plastic and Thermo-formed. Along this line we have incorporated the line toilets Trailers or trailers, with more specific solutions to the needs of different types of events that use these types of bathrooms to most selected clients.

The availability of these solutions through EASYHUB, It has meant for our customers that they orient their business to lease, toilet and waste removal services, greater access to the construction industry, Agricultural sector, Mining, Private events, Public and / or outdoor mass events that regularly request these services, also reaching places that do not have adequate health structure or toilets due to the remoteness of the sector or, places where there are no sewer networks.

The flavouring is also a line of products that is associated to complement and feed supplies, use daily and constant, for the treatment of waste from portable toilets. We have focused on environmentally friendly solutions, importing products based on flavouring, non-pathogenic bacteria and enzymes used in countries of high environmental standards.

EASYHUB through its wide range of eco-friendly and completely natural solutions has focused on meeting the requirements of our customers through solutions that meet the highest quality standards, committing ourselves to the environment and people.

This product line is intended for the management of waste from the grease traps, septic tanks and liquid waste plants, offering safe and eco-friendly solutions for the environment and the health of persons working and/or use you fosas or work in waste treatment plants.

We have focused on solutions 100% friendly to the environment, importing products based on flavouring, non-pathogenic bacteria and enzymes used in countries of high environmental standards.

Lockers, Lockers, Walk in wardrobes, Metal furniture, among others, mainly oriented to construction companies, Mining and agricultural, among others, who must provide free access to lockers or wardrobes at workers who develop activities on works and operations.

Also oriented to companies in general, physical training for public centres, as for public and private establishments with users and workers, for whom the law requires the empowerment of these lockers, wardrobes and other types of metal furniture, permitiendo guardar las pertenencias individuales.

This solution is also directed to educational establishments, in order that students can leave their tools in the establishment, avoiding having to transport them to and from their places of residence constantly. The foreign origin of these furniture from clear and important economies of production, It gives us the ability to offer products at low prices and good quality according to the requirements and use of products for users in Chile and Latin America.